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Wednesdays 10:00am - 11:30am

Our weekly session helps promote meaningful movement using music and dance. Expect singing, stretching, massage and wheelchair dancing (as well as an opportunity for Postural Care exercises). 

What is Postural Care?

‘Postural care refers to an approach that aims to preserve and restore body shape and muscle tone for people with movement difficulties. People with profound and multiple learning disabilities often sit and lie in limited positions, leading to a high risk of body shape distortion. This is not inevitable. The right equipment and positioning techniques can help to protect body shape in people with movement difficulties’.

Postural Care at the MAC consists of bespoke exercises for specific individuals created by the Guys and St Thomas’ physiotherapy team and supervised by trained MAC staff members.

Cost per session: £24


Tulse Hill Estate Youth Club

Tule Hill Estate


PMLD Dance & Movement: Service
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